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Larxene, your pranks suck. Your creative leanings need some work if you're looking to challenge me~ ♥ Demyx has had better ideas than that.

Seriously, though, did everyone die again or what? Anyone up for a get together, slumber party, booze night, random wild orgy? I'm not gonna be picky, seeing as there's hardly anything to do. Worse than the tentacles. At least the tentacles was mildly entertaining to watch while puking your guts out.

In other news, Jan's been up to something. Probably with Mizo. And whatever it is is using up huge quantities of string and honey and a huge marble, so I'd look out for that. You should get pointers from him, Lala. Might learn a thing or dozen.

And Manho: you left your feather headdress.

[strikes so not there and uninspired post is uninspired. WHERE is everyone? :< ]

These Pants are Too Tight

I always did say avante garde fashion has its perks. All the same, I'm not sure I want to hang onto Lala's bra. That and the whole ripped short shorts look isn't really working out with the cup size. 32 A? Pft. I can get more cleavage than that out of a stuff toy. 

That aside, my cookie stash now  has a sign saying "Prissy McPink Proof. Keep Out" .♥ I think I might keep it. You were a pretty boring kid, Manho. Least I know the stick up your ass' natural.♥  And Dem: I'm not cleaning up all these wrappers.

Oh and business at the cafe's been picking up a little so stop slacking with googoo eyes, Sora, or Boss will find out about your secret shrine, cooties or no. ♥

(lala= larxy)


axel was a really really really bratty eight year old.

he's been running around messing things up and flipping any skirts he sees (or flicking people's asses- he's at the right height for it now) oh and basically insulting everyone and thing that comes across his path and then finds his older self's sugar cherry cookie stash, wolfs them down, and goes around at TWICE the speed.

...i think that's larxene's bra on his head right now....well, it was on his head (and its practically all he's wearing right now). ...at least he isn't bored.

oh and he said something about visiting prissy mcpinkie and then asking about where jen and evy are... and his 'new friends'.

i'm basically following him around and keeping him from spiking himself or getting molested by pedophiles until i find out where the camera is so i can take pictures. ♥

...8!&ADD!axel+fire powers, anyone? If he does have them...

(ooc: Jen and Evy are Axel's little siblings from when he was a somebody, in my personal fanon for him ;P (well yeah the names were made up on the spot) Janan is actually partially a manifestation of Jen. Also, AXEL AS AN EIGHT YEAR OLD IS YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE. >DDDDDDDDD )

SAD= Single's Awareness Day

Been busy- what with the whole Day of Hearts thing and Cook having a stick up where the sun don't shine. ♥ The Cafe's been getting pretty hectic and I've seen more chocolate in one hugeass bowl than I usually see in a supermarket. Been learning to make chocolate stuff, a bit. There're all sorts of shapes you can turn chocolate into, properly molded.♥ Those would probably sell well in the dirty bookstore down the street.  And there're chocolate cakes and muffins I have the task of decorating with simpering messages. Provided I don't liven them up a bit.♥ All in all, I think I'm enjoying things~ ♥

Jan's been fiddling with things again. I think he's been down to the basement and he found all sorts of things that he's dragged up to my room. So far, it looks like a really long string of shiny beads-- like a necklace tinkerbell puked over. ♥ It's got dangling bits, too. I'm not sure what he's gonna use it for yet, but Mizo's been hanging around and whispering- when their hands aren't up each other's thighs. Oh, and they mentioned Manho and Mardi Gras ♥.

Anyone have plans for the 14th~? Too bad Nobody ever reached that number.

And Larxene, sweetheart, have you found your bra yet~? ♥

[ooc: last strike to larxene, the rest hackable.♥]

Back Up, Hos

I go on a little trip and the entire place is a ghost town.

Haven't been having any fun without the pyro around, kiddies? ♥

And no welcome back party, either, did I miss the zombie invasion?


Burned the kimono belt off so Mimiroo can go off and meet his rapevictim toyboy-in-a-flat-girl's body in privacy. He probably would have liked the audience-- and I didn't feel like obliging after that one raspberry he blew in my ear. He can try begging for forgiveness later. On that note, the hang over's long gone.

That said, Axel got into the special marshmallow sauce and is currently quite literally spicy. Not that he minds. I think I also found my underwear somewhere under the tissuebox. Something about it being uncomfortably itchy. Strange.

Now then, what's little me gonna do with Axel's body and a ton of firepower~? A visit might be in order. ♥


note to self: tell jan to get some WARMER clothes. im freezing! and i dont get cold. i cant. in my own body. tap dancing on my laptop like this while in a silk and gossamer kimono-thing aint helping things either. this get up is about as drafty as the the nurse outfit was, even if it does have more material. and having long flowing locks is turning out to be about the only warm thing about this form. i wouldnt budge from the tissue box if it werent for a certain manho in a fairys body in it already. on that topic, ive never seen a tartier fruit. ♥

i may have to question Jan's taste in underwear...or rather, where he bought them.

the only good thing about this is flying and the lack of hangovers. speaking of which that looks like ....


Jan. Hangover. What I wouldn't give for a bit of my minor healing powers right now... Well at least I can type properly, I guess (must be Axel's inhuman metabolism burning out the alcohol)--- MIZO,HUMP AFTER HANGOVERS-- ...Interesting, an accidental flame. Looks like I have some freaktastic fire powers to try out later. Much later.

Axel's gone back to the tissuebox and burrowing... I'd help him but I'll probably end up roasting my body instead. I have to say, though, he pulls off my look very well in my body.

[ooc: Jan's not feeling in the mood when he's hung over, kthnx <3]

Fireworks Go Boom.

New Year's , soon~

Who wants to set off fireworks with me~? I found some in the manse basement, looks like~ Wish sparklers, fountains, dragons, catherine wheels-- whoever owned this thing last liked a show with the works. But seeing as the whole pile was so dusty, think I'll try to set off a few, just to test it, you know~?

And if it's late at night, while everybody's asleep, all the better to enjoy the fireworks with~  <3

Manho has been strutting about far too much, anyway. It should be interesting to see how thin the windows of the Master Bedroom is~

Oh, and if you find any sticky trails of goo in the kitchen, it's probably Jan. He's awake and marshmallow-munching as usual. I guess I should be glad he's not up to worse, considering he's best friends with Mizo on one hand and Tali with the other.

[OOC Mods, if this isn't allowed, feel free to tell me and I'll delete the post~ I just wanted to make a post about something ;P.]



Well, might as well get in the spirit of things. I'll see about getting some much-needed decor around the house like misletoe. In... key places. And maybe whip up a batch of things. to lure unsuspecting victims.  Cherry cookies, gingersnowmen, rumscotch eggnog, holiday brownies in the shape of thongs. It's too damn boring around here lately. Did everyone get scared off by the snow earlier or something?

At any rate, you all know where to find me. <3

DND [Post-Log, timeline unknown]

...Thank Whatever it's a Saturday.

Dark-damned plants. I know I've taken harder, but hell, not by much.  I'm lucky I can move at all, I guess. Cleaned up and everything but I'm gonna spend the rest of the day lying down on my stomach under the covers. With certain pink-haired BDSM fruity freaks out of it. And make myself a quick shot of potion on the rocks. 

It's not bad or anything, but it's a bitch in the morning. At any rate,  it comes partly from giving about as good as I got~

[ooc: Strikes are supposed to be unhackalbe but Marly and I suppose anyone else exceptionally Axel and Marly relationship-savvy might hack it. ;P No, not you, Sora XD;. I think the rest of it is pretty interpretable as a hangover from too much alcohol. ]